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These Are My:

The Rendering Truck    Blues For Leo
Island Song   While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Fuego en el Corazon

YouTube video of Diane performing Harvest Moon at the Woodtick Theater, 2013

Audio file of sister Diane performs Harvest Moon on A Prairie Home Companion, November 9th, 2013
A Prairie Home Companion November 9th photo gallery

Photos, a work in progress.  2014 Vacation Photos
Here's a shortcut to grandson Dexter's photos on my Gallery site.


My YouTube Videos:


My Nephew, Carl's Amazing Video he took with a GoPro Camera on Lake Superior

 Links to Radio Station "K-Dave"

You can listen to K-Dave streamed via the Internet, but if you use Windows Media Player you'll need to download and install this plug-in to hear it:  OpenPlsInWmp2Setup.exe  Running this will allow your version of Windows Media Player to open the ".pls" file that starts the streaming audio.  Then you can listen to K-Dave, if it is "on the air" when you try to connect.  If you get an error and Windows Media Player won't run, consider trying VLC, an open-source (free) video/audio player that works very well and handles the .pls file properly.  Or try this Flash-based player, but be aware that you'll lose the sound if you navigate away from this page (and it doesn't display the 'now playing' info):

And just for fun, the "K-Dave" Identifier

I have had difficulty keeping the Java-based player working so here is an embedded Windows Media Player for those of you running an appropriate browser on a Windows machine:

Note: On occasion the "Now Playing" data is absent or stuck on a previous song.  I try to keep it current and working but it has... issues sometimes.  Sorry...

Miscellaneous Music Stuff

My Subsonic server hosts my music collection: kdave.subsonic.org or  If you don't have a userID and password for this, well, I guess you'll have to ask for one. 
For fun: The Infinite Jukebox (may require Chrome or Safari to run) for the times when you just can't get enough of your favorite song.

Bands I am in or have been in

 RockIt Science (now defunct)

Bluez'll Do

Julia and I set up a website for our new venture:  www.GypsyFusionArtistry.com.  We'll post our video clips, photos, upcoming performances and general links as time permits.


Electronics and Music Stuff

How to re-purpose a Boss BE-5 four-pedal footswitch for use with a Crate Tidalwave GTX3500 amplifier.

Instructions on the installation of a Lace Sensor pickup on a resonator ("Dobro") guitar!

How to repair a neck pickup for a Fender Jazz Bass I lucked out-didn't have to rewind it.

Balanced Lines in Audio Systems: Fact, Fiction, and Transformers
by Bill Whitlock (7.6Mb)

Because I can't find it anywhere else on the 'net, the OCR'd version of the 1994 EIA Source and Date Code Book listing transformer and capacitor makers as of that year.  Here is a scanned version if you find that my OCR version doesn't line up well.  A page containing additional years.

Good article on inductance of gapped ferrite cores:
Evaluation of Factors Affecting Inductance Measurements of Ferrite Components
by Barbara Ann Livermore Jan M van der Poel.

I am an amateur "ham" radio operator, call letters: N0DL, and have been active in that hobby since 1973.  Amateur Radio Operators: download the Microsoft PowerPoint (Office97) Telephone Interference Seminar here. I gave this seminar at the 1999 Dakota Division Convention here in Watertown, SD.

Audio Tech Types: JVC Compulink files viewed using a soundcard.

The Back Room Tour of The Good Guys Pro Audio Repair

 Here's a list of South Dakota counties and their respective license plate prefix numbers.

Dave's Package Tracking Page
(links to many carriers' tracking pages - to save on mouse clicks)

The "Minnesota Project" slideshow, started 2-Jun-07 at Staples, MN.
The "Minnesota Project" was spawned perhaps 20 years ago when my parents, Grace and Ken, started collecting rocks from Minnesota counties that they traveled through.  The project consisting of a concrete map of Minnesota with the counties outlined by placing galvanized nails head-by-head at the county lines.  My brother-in-law, Bob, made the plans and printed the map so we could place the nails in the right places.  My dad built the frame earlier in the week and on Saturday, June 2nd, 2007 we poured the cement, and in an hour of concentrated effort by us kids, grandkids and extended families, placed each nail to form the county lines.  My mom placed the first nail, indicated by the red ribbon, at the southwest corner of the state. The next phase will include the formation of rivers and the epoxying of rocks collected from each county, to be place in their respective county locations on the map.

June 3rd, 2007

June 18th, 2007 - 30 rocks in place

My grandson, Dexter's website. (He was actually born on July 5th)

A favorite comic strip of mine by Peter Kuper.  And here's another one, relevant to people who play music in public.

Information on Camper's Paradise near Nevis, MN (where we have vacationed for many years).  Last year (2008) we saw a Toga Party!  This year (2010) featured "Politically Incorrect Cowboys and Indians".

The Monarch Butterflies came through a few years ago..  Turns out we're evidently in their annual migration path, although this year was particularly spectacular.  I have a photo and  several video clips from 2007, 2010, 2011#1, 2011#2 and 2012 for those devoted to this.  We're newbies to this, but the activity in our backyard may eventually prove to be our learning ground.  There were many more Monarchs than those shown in the small-screen images.  My photographic skills don't do them justice.

Attention pinochle players:
Click here for the rules for Six-Card "Racehorse" Pinochle.
Click here for the rules for Eight-Card six-player "Racehorse" Pinochle.

Stuff about me: I am married to DeAnna.  Some of her recipes, mine and those of friends and relatives may be found at the Recipes link above.  We have a son, Dan who returned to Watertown in 2006 to start a family and help his dad.  I work at Minntronix, a company that manufactures magnetic components located in Watertown, SD USA, and also at Data Truck, a wireless Internet provider in Watertown.  I administrate the web site for an event that is also Watertown residents' best reason to clean out their attics, the annual Sunrise Drive Rummage Sale.  Need to find our house (15 Sunrise Dr.)?

You may reach me via e-mail at: me@davelevasseur.com.

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