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Beef Goulash Soup- PDF

Prei Schotel - "The Leek Dish"

Beef Flanken Ribs (Korean) - PDF
Beef Flanken Ribs (Korean) - Word


Robert Irvine ("Restaurant Impossible") Rib Recipe - Modified (PDF)


As served during Amateur (Ham) Radio Field Day 2014.  This recipe was featured on an episode of Restaurant Impossible but we couldn't find the exact method or ingredient list online.  We made modifications to make it more like the version presented in the episode.
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The Camper's Paradise / Goat Island Recipe Collection:

Beef Goulash Soup- PDF
Waffle and Pancake Recipes (from 1970's Betty Crocker Cookbook)
Jambalaya Soup recipe
Flank Steak Sandwich recipe
Basil Chicken and Pasta with Roma Tomatoes
Beef Flanken Ribs (Korean) - PDF

"Minnesota Mix", aka "Hobo Mix"
Wild Rice Porridge