Backroom Tour of "The Good Guys" Pro Audio Repair, Feb 15, 2013
1111 Grand Ave ∙ St Paul MN ∙ 55105 ∙ (651) 292-9165
I took my Fender Passport to The Good Guys Pro Audio to have its USB jack replaced since it was under warranty.  I got a tour of their place as I picked it up (same day in and out!).

A "Build-It-Then-Use-It" voltmeter from DeVry's training program graces
the inside entrance so you KNOW you're in the right place!

Mark shows off the "Wall Of Silicon", where transistors, ICs and
other goodies are displayed and protected from electrostatic discharge using foil.

Another view of the "Wall Of Silicon"

"The Great Wall of Silicon"

Close-up of "The Great Wall"

Don't despair, your stuff's on The Rack of Repair

Scott's "Lair of Repair"

Scott poses in front of his repair bench

The FoxPro recorded tag location "Brainerd", not the city.
This would be of no use to the city since their population is 3X today.

Mark shows the control they fixed up for the Crown Tape tape deck

Front of the Crown reel-to-reel deck, reportedly used to record Bonnie Raitt's first album

Close-up of the side of the tape deck showing the ventilation holes made by the owner
of the tape deck, used to identify it as the one used for the Bonnie Raitt recording.

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