Here is the JVC CompuLink waveform, viewed using the Voyetra "AudioView 2" that came with my Turtle Beach Montego sound card. The first portion was the result of pressing "DISK, 123, TRACK 5". The second portion is a burst that came just before track 5 began to play. Dead time was deleted for brevity.

JVC CompuLink waveform

Here is the actual D123T5.WAV file.

Here is the dialog from several e-mails regarding this subject:


Here's what I have found, but you have probably also found by surfing:

No, I don't have anything else on it - at least not yet. I hoped to find
out about it myself and when I couldn't I did a little experimentation to see what the signals
looked like. I posted them so others could find them (as you did). If you
haven't already done so, check out Rolf Eigenheer's page which may be

Here's some information I sent to someone else who requested similar

The CompuLink uses a two-conductor plug. Looks pretty standard to me

Here's a link to Rolf Eigenheer's page that may be of some help to you:

Here is the posting I made to a Usenet group in January of this year in case
it helps you:


Just to get a quick check of the signal at the CompuLink port, I plugged the
CompuLink cable directly into the LINE input of my soundcard (which, like
most if not all sound cards has a capacitor decoupling its input). I used a
WAV editor to play and view the results. It seems likely that one could connect
the output of a sound card to an appropriate interface circuit, perhaps such
as one based on the fine work of Rolf Eigenheer
(, to achieve a method of
controlling the CD changer. I will post the .WAV files on my home page, if you wish to view or hear them.

I investigated this phenomenon in hopes of finding an "end of song" signal
at the CompuLink port, but was only able to find a burst of data which seems
to signify the start of a new disk/track.

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has access to the JVC CompuLink
interface protocol. I don't read this newsgroup very often, so please send
this information to the (spam-preventing) address: davel&, but
change the "&" to the "@" sign.


Best regards and good luck to you!

--- Dave

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Date: Wednesday, June 09, 1999 5:59 PM
Subject: JVC Compulink files viewed using a soundcard.

>Hello Sir,
>I am trying to find out more about JVC's CompuLink interface. I have a
>JVC Stereo Rec'r with CompuLink I/O, and I'd like to be able to control
>it from another room. I was hoping I could just install an IR rev'r in
>another room and send the signals to the CompuLink input on my Stereo
>Rec'r. But I don't anything about the CompuLink interface. Does it use
>a mono (2-conductor) or stereo (3 conductor) miniplig? Anything you
>could tell me would be appreciated. I haven't been able to get any info
>from JVC (yet). BTW, I have a BSEE degree but haven't done circuit
>design in years.

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