Revised to include notes about tomato sources 24-Nov-97

DeAnna's Mom's Salsa Recipe


(2) 16 oz jars of chili peppers (Gedney or Vlasic)

  1. 16 oz jars of cherry peppers (Gedney or Vlasic), Sweet or Hot,

depending on your tastebuds' flammability rating

(2) large onions

(1) 28 oz can of any cheap brand of tomatoes (Elf or Hy-Vee)


Process all ingredients in blender or food processor, seeds and all. Refrigerate until ready to serve. May be mixed with sour cream if desired.


It is critical that "cheap" off-brand tomatoes are used to build this sauce. "Name" brands, such as Hunts or Delmonte seem to have the wrong acidity and the recipe just doesn't taste right. Fresh tomatoes are incompatible for the same reason.

This mixture will keep for several months if refrigerated. Hy-Vee in Watertown usually stocks all the ingredients, but they keep Gedney's chili peppers in the "International" section where the Mexican foodstuffs are stored. They stock the Vlasic chili peppers in their "pickle" section.

In case of undesired consumption, drink hot liquids, such as coffee or tea, to remove spicy oils from tongue and mouth. Cold liquids, such as beer or pop, are NOT recommended since they cause the pepper oils to congeal and stick to the tongue. This salsa has also been known to cause an "afterburn". If you're not sure what this means, just eat a jarful and await the results.

Dave LeVasseur